Proprietary strains

All of Kimberly James’ CBD is sourced from proprietary CBD-rich organic hemp strains that are grown in the United States.

Zero THC

Kimberly James’ extracts are purified and separated by removing all of the THC, wax, chlorophyll, and plant pigments that remain after processing has been completed.

  • The products from Kimberly James are great for those people who are wanting completely THC-free CBD products.
  • All products have been tested by a third-party lab.
  • Products are created by using nanoemulsion technology, which adds extra bioavailability to their capsules.
  • All extracts are broad-spectrum.
  • CBD tinctures go up to 1500mg only at this time.

Locations where Kimberly James is sold:

Old Pasadena Pharmacy
155 S. De Lacey Ave #1000,
Pasadena, CA 91105

South Park Pharmacy
1120 S. Grand Avenue
Suite 103
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Phone: (213) 745-5000